Below is a schedule for the next meeting, which will be on January 21. There will be no June or December meeting.

Fraternity meetings are open only to professed members and those in formation except during the annual Open House, held the third Sunday in October.

Reminder to members: If you are unable to attend the fraternity meetings for more than one month, please notify one of the Council members. The Criteria for Active-excused and lapsed member status are explained in the Fraternity guidelines.

Schedule For January 21 Meeting
Time Activity Location
9:00am Council meeting Sacred Heart Room
11:15am Franciscan Crown Rosary Blessed Sacrament Chapel
12:00pm Mass Main Church
1:00pm Fraternity meeting St. Bonaventure Room
Schedule For November Meeting
Time Activity Location
9:00am Rehearsal for profession Main church
9:30am Inquiry Session St. Clare Room – upstairs
10:00am Mass with Profession Main church
11:15am Profession reception Fraternity Social Gathering St. Francis Room
12:45pm Fraternity Meeting St. Francis Room

Fraternity Meeting Agenda

  • To be decided
  • Opening prayer
  • Welcome to Orientation group
  • Short Teaching – Crown Rosary
  • Committees to meet
  • Closing Evening prayer